Hurting? Discouraged?counseling Stuck?

Don’t go it alone. Counseling can bring solutions.

We have board certified Christian counselors on the Allies team, and each brings expertise and life experiences to serve through specific areas of counseling strength.

Several Allies are also certified administrators of the highly respected Prepare/Enrich assessment for engaged and married couples. Please read more about how we use the Prepare/Enrich assessment on the Prepare-Enrich page of our site.

Greg’s specific counseling focus areas
conflict resolution
infidelity recovery
divorce intervention
marriage repair
premarital preparation
adolescent crises
career counseling
anger management

Ron’s specific counseling focus areas
ADHD coach
dating and relationship development
premarital preparation
marriage nurture
marriage repair

Junnus’ specific counseling focus areas
marriage counseling
manhood development
grief recovery

Relationships don’t usually get better on their own, much like a broken arm won’t heal properly unless the injury is treated.

Our solution oriented approach focuses energy on brainstorming and taking practical steps for the present and creating a desirable future, not dissecting past problems or rehashing past mistakes. What ultimately brings healing and relief (and God’s peace) is not feeling better, but thinking better. And the beautiful result of thinking better is feeling better, just like God intended all along.