Lori Rader-Jacobs

parenting coach

Lori believes that relying on traditional values and applying common sense is the way to live life and solve problems. Whether those problems are societal, political or economic, a foundation of firm reliance on Divine Providence will always put you on the right track. When she read the parenting principles taught by John Rosemond she could see that he had rediscovered what has worked beautifully for generations past.

Rosemond’s teachings match up with biblical principles so she believes his philosophy has the celestial stamp of approval. Lori speaks at churches, synagogues, schools and other forums with a primary message to empower parents to take back the leadership position in their families, the way God intends it to be. She is also available for individual and small group parent coaching (either locally, in person or anywhere in the country via phone or Skype) to help families restore peace and tranquility in marriages and the home.

Lori lives with her husband of 22 years and her two teen aged sons in Marietta, GA. She has a BA in Business Administration from Georgia State University.