Series of Presentations – Part 1

Tony Jeary, a professional public speaker, proclaims a philosophy on life that, if headed seriously, would improve the marriages, families, careers and overall course of life for a large percentage of people. What is that philosophy? It contains two major aspects.


Every decision you make determines the course of your life at that moment. How many decisions do you make every day? How did they alter your day? How many decisions did you not make? Affect? How many things would you like to do or change that you didn’t even consider (from chores to hobbies to life changes)? Was that a choice?


Q1. How often do you pause to consider whether you are on task accomplishing the right task?

Q2. How often do you schedule a strategic pause to consider all those things you usually do not take time to consider?

Q3. (Interested in a spiritual perspective?) How often do you pause long enough to listen & hear what God’s has to say?

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