Prepare-Enrich is a fantastic and highly respected relational assessment tool, and has now been in use for over thirty years serving over three million couples around the world. It is useful for:

  • couples who are preparing for marriage
  • already married couples who are seeking to deepen their commitment or create a healthier relationship
  • conflicted couples who wish to restore their marriage

We believe in the value and effectiveness of this assessment, and several on the Allies team are certified to administer the assessment. This can be done with couples one on one, or in a group setting. In the sessions, we lead couples through an exploration of their personalized report, including the use of the helpful exercises included in the Prepare-Enrich materials.

Evaluating your Investment

If you are considering premarital counseling… how much are you planning to spend on your wedding cake?

Couples end up spending thousands of dollars on their wedding, and often neglect to invest in their marriage.

In Georgia, there is a marriage license discount for couples who complete a minimum of six hours of premarital counseling. While we can customize the Prepare-Enrich experience to include as many as ten sessions, we offer a six hour premarital package (paid as you go, session by session), which includes the cost of the assessment, all necessary workbooks, and the interpretation of the couples’ results.

This investment can literally change the trajectory of your future life together. Contact us for a free initial phone consultation to discuss your relationship needs.

PREPARE/ENRICH® is a registered trademark and used with permission.