PICK a Partner

We believe it’s never too early to prepare for future families. From the earliest stages of dating, choices are being made and patterns are being formed that impact future relationships. With the end goal of healthy marriages and stable families, we facilitate age appropriate experiences to teach discernment and communication skills designed to encourage and guide future healthy relationships.

PICK a PARTNER Curriculum

We are certified instructors of  the PICK a Partner curriculum (aka How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk(ette) developed by Dr. John Van Epp, CEO and Founder of Love Thinks. This excellent and research based educational program for singles is widely respected and has been taught in 45 states and 7 countries around the world.

PICK a Partner


for high school students

We use the PICK a Partner curriculum in a retreat or weekly meeting format, following a practical approach to building healthy relationships while getting to know the most important areas of the person you are dating. Students learn to evaluate relationships using both the head and the heart to help them make healthy choices, while avoiding troublesome mistakes. It’s easy to overlook key areas about family background, attitudes and actions of the conscience, compatibility, previous experiences and how skilled your partner is relating. The PICK a Partner curriculum focuses on what’s important and why.

for college students and young adults

We also lead a similarly focused college age module customized for young adults that can be part of a sorority or fraternity weekend, or a college campus ministry retreat.

Sometimes people say, “If I had only known!” Be proactive and learn how to pick a great partner.

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