Are you prepared for parenthood? Are you an over-protective parent? Do your toddler’s tantrums wear you out? ls your preschooler a picky eater? Do you have an argumentative teen?

It is essential for today’s parents to use love and leadership in parenting. We will work with you to apply leadership principles that work! Since most parenting problems, especially in the area of discipline, reflect improper leadership, our clients find that parenting problems of this sort are relatively easy to correct within a relatively short time.

Classes and workshops are available to new and seasoned parents in individual and small group coaching settings. Contact Lori Jacobs for booking or more info.

Leadership Parenting Classes
This series of workshops covers Parenting with a Love and Leadership, Top Three Behavior Problems Solved and Raising a Responsible and Resilient Child.

Making the Terrible Twos Terrific!
This class will teach you about the Seasons of Parenting and the transition from caring for a baby to disciplining a toddler.

The Well Behaved Child
This workshop will provide parents with the essentials for managing their child’s behavior from preschool to middle school. Learn about the Three C’s of Discipline, how to manage sibling rivalry, picky eaters and more!

Teen Proofing
Lori will demonstrate how Mom and Dad can enjoy the freedom and rewards of parenting teens in a controlled (but not controlling) and relaxed manner.

Digital Literacy
Learn how to establish guidelines and expectations around media use and behavior that are right for your family.

Parent Coaching
We offer individual coaching or group coaching for your playgroup, church group or book club.