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My mom, at 87, is a living legacy. I’m blessed in so many ways by her life in mine. I am one of those fortunate folks who has a fantastic relationship with their mom, as she has never been a source of contention for me. I think she’s say the same about me (hope so anyway!), as we have always been close, and I didn’t even have that rebellious teenage season that usually drives parents crazy.legacy

Mom’s health has been up and down in the past year, as she has suffered some falls during that time. She fractured her pelvis last summer, and bounced back. This spring, she fell and hit her head on the pavement in a parking lot (amazingly no broken bones!), which sent her back to the hospital for a stay, followed by some transitional care before she was able to come home. Long story medium length, she is a walking miracle. She is back to staying by herself at nights and taking care of most of her daily needs with the help of a personal assistant a few hours a day.

She is in VA and I’m in GA, so the distance between makes it hard to visit as often as I’d like, especially to visit with my family accompanying me. We got a chance to spend a week last month with her in her home, and it was such a joy for so many reasons. The biggest was for my family members to hear her pray for them in our prayer times. I left to return to GA thinking (as I often do as this stage of her life) that this may be the last time I see her until heaven, and it may be my family’s as well.legacy

One thing I know- my family will always remember those times when Grandma 1 prayed aloud for them in their presence. My sons may remember lots more about her, now that they are older. They will remember her prayers for them, and for our family.  Not that her prayers are anything fancy, just that they are real and she is real in her walk with Jesus.legacy

We all create a legacy for those family members who follow us and remember us. We can even choose what it will be.

Thanks, Mom.legacy

Greg Griffin is a pastoral counselor and the executive director of Allies for Family Life.

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