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People feel strongly about family.

The experience of family has been different for each of us, but each of us has some sort of experience. We may treasure or despise it, agree or disagree with the values our family gave us. We may copy or reject the form of our family, but each of us ultimately chooses how we let family define us. Family matters because family is universal.

Families vary. Some are big, some small, old and young, traditional or not, energized to toxic and everything in between. It’s hard to grasp the variety of family forms in our culture. Is that good or bad? Many people believe it is good. Some emphasize, even celebrate the growing variety of family styles. A few even want the rest of us to believe there is no moral or ethical difference in family types.

Family matters too much to say ‘anything goes’. We can’t go along with the pressure to accept some sort of generic, all encompassing, one-size-fits-all, politically correct definition of family as nothing more than intimately influential human relationships. We care too much about people, about their experiences of family and about the effect upon future generations.

Allies for Family Life believes in an ‘achievable ideal’ for future families. We hold that ideal to be a man and a woman in an uninterrupted marriage raising their own biological children in a caring environment where joys and fulfillment far outweigh hurts and disappointments.

If your family experience differs from this ideal, the tension between the ‘ideal’ and the ‘real’ in our messy world does not lessen its value. Some descriptions may no longer apply, but this ideal still directs toward an achievable, desirable future.

Because family matters, this is our strategy:

  • Prepare future family life: train and empower individuals to build life-giving future families
  • Protect family life:  strengthen, restore and encourage families, bringing life and hope in the process
  • Promote future family and family life: create and institute initiatives that promote life-giving families

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