family is the building block

Family. We all have one, like it or not. And our feelings about our family may vary from day to day, or even hour to hour. Regardless, family is a universal experience, as every culture, yeah, every single one, has the family as its central unit of society and relational structure.

Family is perhaps the source of our greatest joys and our deepest sorrows.¬†Close relationships can be like that. If they are going well for you, I can predict that life is going well too. Family are those close relationships we don’t get to choose, except for our spouses. And of all family relationships, the one with our spouses is the hardest to maintain, because it’s the closest. Yep, the closer they are, the harder they are. But there’s good news too. The closer they are, the richer and more valuable they building block

Allies for Family Life shares a passion for healthy families, and yes, we know it’s a moving target sometimes and high ideal all the time. That doesn’t deter us from pressing on because the stakes are high for all those involved, and even for those who are touched by the lives of each family member.

As we begin our blog, we hope what we share will bring help, hope and healing. We’ll try to share information and encouragement that will be real and practical. We’ll also share some humorous stuff too. We hope you might gather the family around the screen to share a good laugh, or forward it to those in your family who might not be close by. You know what they say about laughter, it’s the best medicine. It’s also a good lubricant for close relationships.

Hey, we’d be honored to pray for you and your family, too. We realize you may not want to post your concern in the comments so feel free to e mail or building block

Greg Griffin is a pastoral counselor and the executive director of Allies for Family Life.

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