Series of Presentations – Part 2

Tony Jeary, a professional public speaker, proclaims a philosophy on life that, if headed seriously, would improve the marriages, families, careers and overall course of life for a large percentage of people. What is that philosophy? It contains two major aspects.

Principle #2 – Series of Presentations

The parent of a 15-year-old knows  that, when they voice their opinion, their son/daughter, whose pre-frontal cortex has developed just enough to create an independent spirit without enough foresight to manage independent living, may pause just long enough to choose the opposite course. (OK, for those of you who don’t like the fancy psych stuff, perhaps the pre-frontal cortex thing is a bit much, but parents know what I mean.) How that parent influences the course of life for all their child depends, in part, on how they present, or don’t present, their thoughts to that 15-year-old. A family, sports team, congregational committee or work culture becomes a pleasing, inspiring environment that people enjoy when they recognize every personal interaction makes a difference.

Tony Jerry’s philosophy can be found in his book, “Life is a Series of Presentations”.

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