Children’s Hope for Family Act moving forward

The Children’s Hope for Family Act is one of our current initiatives. That’s the name of Georgia House Bill 684 which we helped get introduced into the General Assembly last session. This Act offers a healthy and sensible solution that will serve families with children who might otherwise become another divorce statistic, while saving Georgia taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Research indicates as many as one third of the families contemplating divorce could be saved from the pain of divorce by implementing the modifications proposed in the bill.

The Act proposes a different course of action for parents with minor children, requiring an education component as a first step, followed by a time of discernment to consider what is the best course of action for each family member, especially the children. Those who are living in dangerous conditions and other extenuating situations will not be affected by this proposal, as they already have provisions to protect them and their children under the current Georgia code.

crying childBecause the harmful effects of divorce on children are widely documented, we want to be part of the solution for as many children as possible. Please go to the Children’s Hope for Family Act web site to learn more. If you are interested in jumping in to help us, please contact us- we’d love to connect.

“I have been blessed to serve as a state representative for the past three and a half years, and I am always interested in pursuing ways we can strengthen Georgia families, especially as it pertains to the children. After all, it is the children who really suffer the true consequences of divorce. The Children’s Hope for Family Act will reach out to serve families, and I am proud to sponsor this bill because the state has a compelling interest in keeping families together and reduce the risk of poverty to children that divorce potentially creates. I hope you will join me in bringing a brighter future to our children and our state.”

Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer, Children’s Hope for Family Act sponsor